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The Wisconsin TIME Coalition unites program partners across jurisdictions and disciplines, and facilitates continued collaboration in developing practical and innovative traffic incident management strategies that meet Wisconsin’s needs.

The Problem

Traffic incidents occur every day on Wisconsin’s roadways. Some are minor, such as vehicle breakdowns on the shoulder. Others, including crashes and spills, are more significant. Every one of these incidents requires a response and impacts the roadway system in some way. Responders, including law enforcement, fire/rescue, emergency medical services, transportation, and towing and recovery are all subject to the dangers of working in or near live traffic.  Many of these responders are being injured or killed doing their jobs.

Incident-associated travel delay and congestion leads to missed deliveries and appointments, decreased productivity, and directly affect the economic vitality of the state.

The Solution

Effectively and efficiently managing the response to traffic incidents is a proven strategy to improve responder and motorist safety and can also minimize traffic and community impacts. Wisconsin, through its Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME) Program, has long been a national leader in this critical activity.
The formal establishment of a TIME Coalition unites program partners across jurisdictions and disciplines, and facilitates continued collaboration in developing practical and innovative traffic incident management strategies that meet Wisconsin’s needs. The TIME Coalition Mission is consistent with the National Unified Goal (NUG) for Traffic Incident Management (TIM).

Wisconsin TIME Coalition members will work together and establish partnerships to:

  • Improve responder safety
  • Enhance the safe, quick clearance of traffic incidents
  • Support prompt, reliable, interoperable communications